Element Ymca Skate Camp | Activities
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Cruise on down to the Art Shed to make some magic or enjoy the creations of others.


Each day during focus groups we offer a Create A Skate workshop for our campers to learn about how skateboards are made. It is hand’s on, educational, and a whole lot of fun. Once the boards are cut (by our staff) and sanded (by the campers) it is time to lay down some graphics. From a treasure trove of markers, spray paint, and stencils campers can customize their very own board.


New to camp is our silk screening workshop. Kids can learn the basics to the art of silk screening. Learn to create posters or even make your very own t-shirt design.


On Wednesday, we Tie Dye! Turn your old white t-shirt into a work of art.


Drawing, painting, sewing; if you want to get creative, we have the staff members and tools to help encourage the process!




Join the band! Each week, skate camp hosts an amazing array of musical talent. Whether it be our visiting guests, staff members, or campers, beautiful tunes are available to enjoy.


We offer a weekly music focus group. Campers can choose to play a fender acoustic guitar, or percussion. The course focuses on basic introductions to rhythm, chords, and jamming with friends. The band practices each day during focus groups until the final campfire, the first live performance! The music program is a mountain of fun for new comers and experts alike!



Our program has been finely crafted by generations of skateboarders. Built by skaters, for skaters. Many of today’s top professional skateboarders as well as skaters who have a career within the industry have been apart of our program. Whether they were campers or staff members, skate camp has a rich history of legendary skateboarder involvement.


We love skateboarding with all of our heart. At camp, we hope to build a community of empowerment and support. Through skateboarding, we connect with one another, we share, we challenge, and we inspire. The goal is not produce the next top skateboarder, our goal is to inspire our campers to be their best selves through the activity they love.


With all the mushy stuff out of the way, skate camp is so much fun! We have a range of skate parks, which offer features for all skill levels. Campers have the opportunity to learn new tricks with their friends and counselors then progress through the different obstacles. Learn some grabs off of the lake launch then take them to El Diablo! Check out our parks here


Camp offers a wide variety of skate contests and games. S.Q.U.E.E.B.S., Battle at the Plaza, the novice contest at Element Land, the advanced contest at the street course, and of course, King Of Camp! I am getting too excited to explain any of this, because camp is just that much fun!




Each week, campers have the opportunity to take the Elemental Awareness wilderness skills focus group. The program includes aspects of anthropology, natural history and survival skills that aim to be unique and inspiring, leaving the participants eager to take their skills to the next level. Participants learn the basics of living harmoniously with the earth without modern conveniences such as clean water, matches or tents. This builds confidence and critical thinking skills while challenging the student at the same time. Campers can learn the basics behind surviving in the wilderness. Subject matter includes building a shelter, making fire, purifying water, and gathering food.
Check out the other programs Elemental Awareness offers here




The gorgeous Sequoia Lake has been a vibrant hub of beautiful life since its creation in 1890. It was made in order to help store lumber before sending it through the flume to the city of Dunlap. After people realized it was super sketchy, the lake was granted to the YMCA by the Hume family. For over 100 years, Sequoia Lake has been apart of the development of many a young boy and girl.


There is so many fun things to do, thanks to Sequoia Lake. We offer scheduled, supervised hours for campers to enjoy the lake, under the safety of our trained lifeguards.


Fishing is permitted from boats and just off the banks near the cattails. Poles can be checked out at the watershed!


Our Skate Lite Lake Launch goes! With the option of launching off the ramp to boost your grabs, or the kicker to work on flip tricks, all who step to its awesomeness are sure to have fun!


Canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board, or lounge on the floating dock. The waterfront is the zone for relaxation at skate camp.




High ropes course, low ropes course, river hiking, capture the flag, disc golf, and Gaga ball are a few of the adventure activities offered at camp. Thankfully, we have a staff of trained adventurers to facilitate activities outside of skateboarding. Each day during focus groups and again after lunch, staff members meet at home base to assemble campers for the adventure of their choice.