Element Ymca Skate Camp | FAQ
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Q: How do I sign my child up for camp?
By signing up online. Click here to get started.


Q: I would love to send my child to camp, but I live out of state.
A: Just because you live out of state does not mean that your child can not come to camp! In fact, many of our campers do not live in California. We even have campers attend camp that live in other countries. We have campers attend camp from England, Thailand, Japan, Australia and France…the list goes on. Click here to find out about your travel options.


Q: I would love to send my child to Camp, but I can’t afford it!
A: Skate Camp is a great place. We do our best to accommodate anyone with financial need. We have funds available to pay partial tuition for campers who apply and qualify for our Campership program. Contact us for more details.


Q: Do cell phones work at camp?
A: No. One of the best things about camp is its remote location. While at camp we do not worry about our “missed calls.” Instead we focus on building relationships one on one, face to face.


Q. Can I contact my child while they are at camp?
A. Yes. The easiest way to contact your child during the camp session is by using our one-way email service. Using this system you can email your child daily to update them on what’s happening at home, to let them know you miss them or just to say hi. We receive these emails daily and pass them out with the daily mail. Another way to contact your child is by mail. Click here to find out more about one way email and mailing packages and letters to camp.


Q: How do you handle homesickness at camp?
A: Mild cases of homesickness are normal when a child is making adjustments in an unfamiliar environment, especially for the first time. Our staff training includes sessions on how to be aware of and to encourage children through this period of growth. In unusual cases, homesickness may persist. In such cases, additional camp personnel will support each child and communicate with parents. Parents may help by sending reassuring letters without promising to come and pick up their child. Developing independence is a goal of the camp experience. We will work hard to achieve this end.


Q: How does the camp handle food allergies?
A: Information regarding food allergies should be included on the health form. An additional letter with specific food substitutes should be mailed to the Camp Director prior to May 1st. Our Food Service Director will monitor and make adjustments for these diets at each meal. Campers should also accept responsibility for adhering to their specific diets.