Over the course of the summer Element professional skateboarders, artists, musicians and more will frequent camp. Each week will be headlined by someone special, but you never know who also might stop through.

SESSION 1: June 30-July 5 ... Visitors: Mark Appleyard
SESSION 2: July 7-12 ... Visitors: Tom Schaar and friends
SESSION 3: July 14-19 ... Visitors: Levi Brown and Chad Tim Tim
SESSION 4: July 21-26 ... Visitors: Nyjah Huston and Evan Smith

"I am proud to have been counselor at Element YMCA Skate Camp and Elemental Awareness Instructor there, in fact, this is where I first met the Element squad, a major moment in my life."
- Levi Brown / Element Rider

Every week a new guest visits camp to share their intriguing story. Speakers include Element team riders, artists, activists and more, all with a unique and inspiring tale.